being heavily influenced by the french impressionists, i always wondered what other types of paintings would “sound” like. for instance, what would Jackson Pollack’s “Autumn Rhythm” sound like? and started experimenting with that concept and started writing in a style that relies on patterns or combinations of patterns that i move around the keyboard – overlapping the hands and altering, sometimes, just one note at at time. 

i approach composition by not actually setting out to write about specific emotions or events. i try not to be conscience of meter, key, or tonality at all.  i usually set out to write about geometric shapes, lines or patterns. once the piece starts to take form, then i start to associate emotions with it and that in turn influences the performance.

ten pieces for solo piano

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the living room recordings

live performances of a guide to misinterpreting the past

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sky through the trees


a guide to misinterpreting the past
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geometry cd cover

the geometry of silence
EP 18:30
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unraveled-ccd over

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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Operation: Fear
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
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